Benefits of a UK fulfilment centre I The Storage Place

Perhaps it’s time that you’re thinking about taking the next step in scaling your business, and potentially partnering with a UK fulfilment centre? Equally, you might not be sure how to approach this and are wondering just what benefits you can gain from making this move. Well, by the end of this blog, you’ll be well equipped with all the knowledge you need to help inform your decision properly, and start scaling your business.

If you are an international seller and are wanting to integrate into the UK market, partnering with a reputable UK fulfilment centre is a no-brainer. Not only will it make delivery easier, quicker and more cost effective for both you and your customers, but a fulfilment warehouse will have endless knowledge and experience of the industry and the UK market. Integrating your ecommerce store with a fulfilment warehouse allows you insight and access to services you simply won’t get independently.

A UK fulfilment centre with multiple integrations is crucial, as this means you can collate orders into one place, and integrate as many marketplaces as you wish. Traceability and visibility of your inventory using cloud-based reporting tools gives you added autonomy and the ability to receive regular updates on your orders.