The world is in a climate crisis and has been for a long time. We all need to do our bit for the planet, so why not start by investing in sustainable packaging for your business? E-commerce sustainability is the present and future for sustainable fulfilment, so why not get ahead and make changes now? Many businesses have already made the change from plastic to sustainable packaging, but it’s still not enough.
Did you know that around 40% of worldwide plastic comes from the packaging we use? Think about how many times you’ve received an order, or bought something from a store that was wrapped in non-recyclable, non-reusable, plastic packaging. Quite a few times, probably?
Therefore, it’s time to make a change.
Plastic is a non-decomposable material that can take thousands of years to break down. Due to its inability to decompose, it, therefore, pollutes the Earth’s natural water system. What do you think happens when this material is sent for incineration? It releases toxic chemicals and gases into the air, making it dangerous for humans, animals, and, most importantly- the planet.
Sounds harmful and damaging right? So what changes can be made? Well, you may now be wondering ‘but what is sustainable packaging?’, what counts as sustainable packaging, and how can it improve your e-commerce sustainability? The first thing to bear in mind is the overall goal of sustainable packaging, which is to provide an eco-friendly solution in a fast-growing industry.

Sustainable fulfilment should be practised wherever possible, as saving the planet is prioritised across all businesses. However, here are some more reasons if you need further convincing:
Sustainability has become extremely important to people, including your customers. E-commerce sustainability means prioritising the planet and what’s important to your customers. Let’s put this into another context – have you noticed that people tend to value, and develop brand loyalty towards cruelty-free or vegan brands? The same can be said with businesses that adopt sustainable measures.
Becoming a sustainable business by investing in sustainable packaging can help you develop brand loyalty with your customers. It can also help you attract new customers whose preference is to only shop with eco-friendly brands. Customers love feeling like they have done their bit, even if all they did was order something from you, to them it feels good to support a brand that supports the planet.
Besides this, you will also be able to save money too. Many governments offer grants and other benefits to businesses aiming to be more eco-friendly. It’s a no-brainer really, save the planet and save some money too.
It’s time for you to set the standard for and inspire other businesses in your industry.
Worried that sustainable packaging is boring, plain packaging? Don’t be! There are plenty of nice, sustainable packaging options out there. Due to the increased need to save the planet, it also means the market for sustainable packaging has increased with more companies offering a wider range of sustainable packaging that isn’t necessarily restricted to plain brown packaging.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with plain packaging either! Sure, fancy packaging is nice, but it just goes in the bin, and most customers will value plain, sustainable packaging, over fancy, toxic packaging.

Sustainable fulfilment with TSP

TSP is leading the way in combating the adverse effects of climate change – we’re now officially carbon neutral! We have plenty of sustainable packaging options available, and we can help your e-commerce store be greener. Contact us for more information and partner with a