As the eCommerce industry grows bigger, selecting the right order fulfilment service for your business needs is a critical aspect of the process. As there are so many factors to consider, what are the most important things when selecting an order fulfilment service?

Thankfully, we can help point you in the right direction in this blog, detailing five essential factors to consider when selecting the right order fulfilment services for you and your business!


1. Flexibility, reliability and trust


As order fulfilment has evolved, eCommerce merchants rightfully have high expectations from the order fulfilment services they opt for. Merchants are only too aware of the importance of customer satisfaction for how their business and overall brand are perceived, and an efficient order fulfilment service that provides flexibility can go a long way to providing trust and reliability.

Reliability is of paramount importance, and as an order fulfilment service, orders need to leave on time each and every day to cement themselves as trustworthy and reliable. The biggest metric for customers when choosing an order fulfilment service is the ‘on time in full’ service level is exceptional. Making sure the accuracy rate is 99.9% for this is essential.

All good order fulfilment services should provide flexibility and specialist services, whatever the requirements. Storage of goods can take many different forms, depending on the type of item. If goods are perishable, such as food items, you may require freezer facilities. Likewise, if you need to store fragile goods, it would be a good idea to ascertain whether this is feasible from the outset.

Always remember to broach the subjects in early discussions with the order fulfilment service you choose. Even if you only require a standardised level of storage without any specific needs to cater for, make sure to strike up a conversation from the outset with your provider. This will help build your trust in the work that a fulfilment service will be undertaking on your behalf.


2. Lower shipping and delivery costs


Having low operating costs is clearly a huge benefit for any business and a huge incentive for customers looking to place orders for your products, and the incurrence of high shipping and delivery costs is one of the biggest deterrents for customers during the checkout phase of a purchase.

By choosing an order fulfilment service that provides a low-cost delivery service, your business can be elevated and become more profitable. Some carriers choose to offer discounted shipping rates, and your eCommerce business can benefit from this deal through the use of an order fulfilment service.

Ensure you are aware of how quickly your orders can be dispatched. As the quicker the orders can be processed, the better suited your business will be to customers. Also, make sure you know the cut-off times for any next-day delivery orders.

Shipping costs should be considered in your decision-making, as rates can vary depending on the size and weight of your products. If you require heavy shipping, make sure the costs are not drastically high.

Will your fulfilment partner send out order confirmation emails, texts and tracking updates for your customers? Think about this carefully before you choose your fulfilment company – it might seem small, but these things are vital to your success.Seamless integration

Effective fulfilment requires smooth integration, and the need for your fulfilment provider to offer this is key. A good integration system will have real-time visibility and traceability features, providing you with the assurance that your inventory is being managed effectively and keeping you abreast of any instant developments, regardless of where you are in the world.

Integration systems can inform you of items such as best-selling products and updates on returns. Stock management is a valuable asset for control and visibility, ensuring you are aware of any low-stock items and allowing you to update your stock accordingly to keep up with demand.


3. Coping with demand


The size of your business will determine the level of order fulfilment you require, as a small-scale business or large-scale business will require a great level of difference in fulfilment attention.

Whether it is Amazon FBA, B2B or B2C fulfilment, if your order fulfilment services are struggling to keep pace with your demand, then this will have an adverse impact on the reputation of your business. Be sure to carry out our prior research on the volume of orders your fulfilment provider deals with. If you are a high-volume retailer, you don’t want to opt for a provider that only deals with sma