Hiring a third party logistics provider is an excellent way to increase the growth of your ecommerce business. Why? In short, it allows experts to help ensure you can get as many orders out as quickly and accurately as possible, by providing the most efficient process.

Tech Enabled Fulfilment Partner - The Storage Place

Here at The Storage Place, we’ve gone a step further and have implemented automated technology to support our fulfilment operations. Our partnership with Mintsoft – a cloud-based order management system – is the backbone of our fulfillment processes. It helps us to streamline our processes and speed up order fulfilment, whilst delivering a more responsive and consistent service to guarantee greater customer experience every time.

Being a tech-enabled fulfilment partner allows us to offer our clients real-time visibility of inventory, meaning your online shops can be updated at all times in terms of stock levels, and you know exactly where your products are.

It therefore helps you to deliver a more responsive service, helping to improve your own customer experience.

Bring confidence to your business by choosing to partner with a tech-enabled 3PL and take advantage of features that make a difference, including:

  • Real-time client access: You can log into your own personalised, easy-to-use platform to keep an eye on orders received, orders dispatched and status of all orders. The customisable set-up allows you to add and arrange the relevant modules you want to see.
  • A self serve set-up: Having access to the platform also removes the need to contact us, as should you need to update the following, you can log in and do it all yourself:
    • view, add, and edit product data but you cannot adjust stock
    • delete products
    • view old orders and place new orders
    • edit orders in specific statuses which requires additional setup in customer account settings
    • view and place goods in ASNs (purchase orders)
    • view, edit, and create shipping rules and mappings
  • Stress-free reporting: The system has many reports available to view in the reports section on demand. Popular reports include:
    • Inventory Report
    • Product usage Report (transaction audit)
    • Low Stock Report
    • Sales by Channel Report
    • Returns Report
    • Dispatch Report
    • Expiry Date Report

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