Free up your time to grow your business rather than pack your order. Picture this: your eCommerce business is booming and thanks to your efforts, you’re getting more customer orders than you can manage. When business was relatively modest, you managed your own fulfilment, finding whatever relevant item was in your in-house inventory and packing it carefully to ensure a delightful unboxing experience. Now, you have way more orders than you could possibly manage and you’re thinking about outsourcing your fulfilment.  

Once you decide to get your fulfilment outsourced, you’ll notice that some of these specialists provide integrated order fulfilment for Shopify. But why is this important? And how exactly can it benefit your business? This is why we’ve written this blog, so you can understand all there is to know regarding this topic.

First things first, what is Shopify?

Most likely, you already have or are about to launch a Shopify store to sell products online. But for those who aren’t aware, the Shopify platform allows you to set up your online storefront how you want it with easy product organisation, order management as well as accepting online payments. It is a robust, fully hosted cloud-based solution to help you sell your products out to the world online.

Integrated order fulfilment for Shopify – the basics

When we talk about ‘integrated’ order fulfilment for Shopify, it means that Shopify can integrate seamlessly with a third-party fulfilment provider’s system to automate fulfilment and inventory management. You won’t have to worry about orders as this method allows you to maintain real-time visibility over your orders.


In some cases, multi-channel fulfilment is an option, so if you have several Shopify stores, they can also be integrated. You may also want to plug in your other online stores such as Amazon, eBay and Woo Commerce as well. 

Why outsource?

In a lot of circumstances, companies will only think about outsourcing fulfilment as they scale up. But the problem here is that it can still leave them unsure about when to make the switch. 


It can be hard to pinpoint that timeframe to move t